We got seven inches of snow in the Ozarks. It was beautiful, cold but very pretty to look at from inside the window. When we get snow everything closes. Everyone stocks up on food and stays put. Its better that way when you consider the number of plows vs. streets is one sided. There aren’t enough snow plows to keep the roads open.
Towns west of us got 3 feet of snow! Now that’s some snow!
It’s in the 50’s today and the snow is melting fast. The kids have one last day to enjoy… if they play fast. I’m ready for spring, aren’t you?

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Scratch out the dog and write in cat

No I did not mistake a cat for a dog, we just made a switch of sorts.  The dog missed his old home so he’s gone.  Last night husband and son found a stray cat.  Very pretty gray striped young male cat.  Our older all black cat, Midnight is not happy.  New cat (No name as yet) and old cat do not get along well.  Son and husband think we should give them time.

Snow has all melted.  They hint at snow early next week.  We have stopped believing their promises and yet we still watch the weatherman’s predictions without fail.  sigh.  Is it spring yet?

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No more snow and a new dog

The snow is all gone.  It melted… although the temperature never got over 30.   They say it freeze dried.  There’s still time for more, winter will be around a bit longer.  The kids and husband would love for us to be snowed in.  It’s not going to happen here in the Ozarks. (Mom keeps her fingers crossed)

A new dog adopted us.  We found him at the end of the drive last week.  He was just sitting there minding his own business. (That’s a good trick of theirs) We had to let him in and of course we all fell in love with him immediately.  We’ve learned from experience that you must find the owners before investing your heart into one of these creatures.

We found his owner.  A man that lives through the woods said his name was Skit and he couldn’t afford to feed him. Skit has a new home and a new name.  Around here we have a hard time settling on just the right name. It may become Chip or my personal favorite – Pretty boy.  He has the prettiest face on a dog that I have ever seen.

Oh I should mention he is a puppy German Shepard.  He’s very very smart too.  I’ll post some pictures soon.

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How cold it too cold!

Brrrr Jack Frost has landed in the Ozarks.  We got around an inch of snow this week.  Most of the state got 2-4 but here in the foot hills (Go figure) we got little more than what a northerner would call a dusting.

It’s still pretty.  Not enough to build snowpeople but the kids made snow angels.  This morning it was only 8 degrees and that is unheard down here.  Strange weather indeed.

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A week till Christmas and still no snow!  It’s cold enough but still no dice.. I mean snow.  It would feel a lot more like Christmas if there were some white stuff on the ground.  Here’s a confession of a procrastinator:

You know you’re a procrastinator when you nine year old says “Mom, you know what my favorite part of Christmas is?”

“What dear?”

“The night before when we go and buy all the presents.”

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Dreaming of a white Christmas

Each year we hope for a white Christmas, a rare occurrence here in the Ozarks.  One year is did snow on the 25th and since then the kids expect a repeat. 

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Something about the fall weather is so refreshing. Odd because the leaves have fallen, the trees are bare and it’s a sign of an end.

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Hello world!

This spot has been edited to say nothing.  But can something ever be nothing?

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